Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Feed Offer for 4-H Members

Feed Offer

Dear 4-H Members and Families, 

Tractor Supply on Springport Rd sold us their overstock of Kent feeds at a deep discount.  We want to pass this saving on to all of you.  The proceeds from the sale of this feed will go to the small animal poultry project.  The cost per bag for this feed is $8.00 per bag.  We have the following feeds and  have included a picture of the tags from each of the feed bags.

50 bags - Kent Goat feed non-medicated 16% protein
50 bags - Kent Goat feed non-medicated 18% protein
100 bags - Kent Home Fresh starter chick feed medicated 20% protein
30 bags - Kent Home Fresh Multi-Flock Chick N Game starter/grower non-medicated 22% protein
45 bags - Kent Show Meal 184 pig feed with 18% protein
30 bags - Kent Show Lamb Starter/Conditioner 45DQ medicated 20% protein

Please contact
T.J. McCully
Poultry Superintendent
Cell: 734-717-1466 Call or Text
The Feed in located in Concord