Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Breeding Chicken Order Information

Breeding Chicken Orders

If you would like to order breeding chickens, T.J. McCully will be placing an order next week with Stromberg hatchery.  Please contact T.J. at 734-717-1466 or email at mccullyeggs@gmail.com  with your order.  The minimum number for an order is 5 chicks.”

Money Management Education Webinar
Michigan State University Extension is offering a webinar that is geared towards classroom teachers and educators. The webinar will cover ways to include financial education into the classroom and incorporate it into school settings. Please share this information with any teachers that might be able to use this curriculum.

Talking Cash in the Class
When: Sept. 27, 2016
Time: 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

To register and find more details go to:

We will be engaging in activities from three different youth money management curriculums.
Elementary School -Reading Makes ¢ents, National 4-H Curriculum
Middle to High School- My Financial Future. National 4-H Curriculum
High School-National Endowment for Financial Education, High School Financial
                    Planning Program