Friday, April 29, 2016

4-H Upcoming Deadlines and Small Animal Education Meetings

4-H Upcoming Deadlines

The 4-H Registration Deadline is May 1st. All new members need to have a profile in the system by then. It is OK if the profile says "pending". Participation fees can be paid to your club leader.

Small Animal Registration Paperwork Deadlines:

Poultry - May 1st, along with the order form for meat birds if you would like to do a meat pen project

Rabbit - May 12th

Goat - May 31st

Large Animal Date of Possession and Paperwork Check In:

May 1st is the deadline for having possession of Sheep and Swine. Required paperwork can be found under the fair documents tab of the website. All paperwork will be turned in on May 7th from 9:00 AM- 11:00 AM. If you are unable to drop off your paperwork at that time, you may send your paperwork with another member or set up an appointment to give it to the superintendent or Extension office. Please note that alternate appointments will need to be made prior to the May 7th check in date.

Small Animal Education Meetings (Held at the Extension Office):

The meetings will cover Record Books and Showmanship. Please pay attention to the rotation order for the day you plan to attend, as they change each meeting to accommodate member schedules.

May 9th
6:00 PM Poultry
7:00 PM Rabbit
8:00 PM Goat

June 7th
6:00 PM Rabbit
7:00 PM Goat
8:00 PM Poultry

July 13th
6:00 PM Goat
7:00 PM Poultry
8:00 PM Rabbit