Thursday, July 16, 2015

4-H Rabbit Cage Painting Day, Swine Pen Tear Down, and Large Animal Auction Brochure

4-H Rabbit Cages
     Thank you to all of you who helped build and paint the cabinets this past Saturday.  We will be assembling the cabinets and painting them this coming Saturday July 18th starting at 10:00AM.  Please come out and help us complete this project as we are getting very close to fair and we need to get the cabinets into the Rabbit barn so that the sheep pens can be set-up. All Rabbit members and families are encouraged to come.

Swine Pen Clean Out

New this year: Due to falling participation in Swine pen clean out on the Sunday after fair, pen tear down will be required this year. We have split the clubs based on numbers of members bringing swine into two groups. One group will tear down the pens this year, the other group will tear down pens next year (2016). The group that was choosen for 2015 was randomly selected last night at the Large Animal Association meeting. This year, the following clubs will be responsible for tear down:

Concord All Stars
Farmer Commandoes
Concord Contenders
Jackson Area Career Center
Kountry Kickers
New Horizons

Each swine member is required to come to tear down. If you are unable to attend, you are allowed to arrange with the superintendents for a representative to come in your place. Failure to attend tear down or to send a representative will result in $50 being withheld from auction checks.

Pen Tear Down begins on Sunday, August 9th at 9:00am. Please contact species superintendents with any questions you may have.

Large Animal Auction Brochure

The Large Animal Auction Brochure is now available. It can be found under the Fair Documents tab at the top of our website.