Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sitting Tall Volunteers Needed and Administrative Leaders Meeting

Volunteers Needed
 Sitting Tall  began its fall program on Saturday, Sept 14th. Saturday classes start every  hour beginning at 9:00AM  Volunteers are invited to come for an one class or more! There is also a Tuesday program that began September 17th. There are two sessions on Tuesdays.  The first session begins at 10:15AM and the second one starts at 12:30PM.  Volunteers are needed for both Tuesday and Saturday programs! All activities are held at TLC Equestrian Center on Gardener Rd in Parma, MI. Please contact Kay at (269) 979-2250 for more information.

Administrative Leaders Meeting
The Fall Update/ Club Leaders Meeting is Scheduled for Wednesday October 2nd at 7:00pm. At this meeting, club leaders will receive program updates for 2013/2014. Youth board members are encouraged to attend this important meeting along with their club leader(s).