Friday, March 29, 2013

Online Youth PQA

We are pleased to announce a new opportunity for youth to get their PQA certification:

Due to a decrease in available Youth PQA Plus Advisors in Michigan we have partnered with National Pork Board to provide the youth in Michigan an alternative method to complete the Youth PQA Plus program. Starting in March 2013, youth will be able to access an online tutorial hosted by National Pork Board. Michigan will be the first state to have access to the online program, which is still in the exploratory phase. At this time only a handful of people have completed the program online. Details on how the system will work are described below, however we are still working to finalize this process. In order for youth to access the online system they will need to contact the Pork Checkoff Service Center by calling 800-456-7675. Representatives at the service center will then proceed to register the youth for the online PQA Plus program. It may take the system up to 3 days to update the registration; once the registration is completed and the database is updated, an email will be sent to the youth with instructions on how to enter the online system. When the youth has received access to the system they will need to complete an online training module. If the youth leaves the training module at any time they can return to where they left off and finish the program. Once the training module is complete, if the youth is eligible to test out, they will be prompted to do this by the program. Once a youth begins the testing process they must complete the entire test at that time. The system will automatically update the database with the youth’s new expiration date and the youth will be able to print their PQA Plus number and expiration date once the process is completed.

The online option is in an exploratory phase and Michigan will the first state to incorporate this option into our program delivery. Please be assured that as we work through the online option every effort will be made to note where improvements can be made and streamlining the online system is a goal for the future.

Tips on Troubleshooting the Youth PQA Plus Online System:
• Youth MUST access the system and complete the training modules and testing options at least one month prior to their PQA Plus number expiring or needing a new number. This will ensure that the they will receive a current number in a timely fashion.
• The producer PQA Plus program will also be available online for the first time this year, this may cause an influx of requests at the Pork Checkoff Service Center, requests for system access will be done in a first come, first serve basis, however a delay in system access could result
• Each youth that registers with the system must provide a unique email address for the system to complete registration. This means that each family member must have an email address or utilize a parent’s/responsible adult’s email. Once an email has been used in the system, it cannot be repeated for another youth.

Please keep in mind that this training needs to be done at a computer that you can print from. Due to changes in the database,  all youth are required to bring proof of PQA training to tagging.