Friday, May 11, 2012

Updating 4-H Contact Information

From time to time our office sends out emails to specific groups of people within 4-H (ie: rabbit members, swine leaders, parents of cloverbuds, etc), usually to notify them directly about something important related to their project area. We have discovered that quite a few of the email addresses that we have on file are no longer working. Since we very rarely send notifications through the mail, it is important that we be able to communicate with our members, leaders, and parents electronically and are asking that you notify our office if you need to update your address with us. An email was sent out this afternoon to everyone in our database with an email address. If you did not receive that message, then we either have the wrong email address on file or the one we have is no longer being used or is invalid. 

To update your contact information with us, simply send an email to our office at and let us know that you need to have your information updated. If you are the parent of a 4-H'er, please include the name(s) of your children if you would like to receive messages on their behalf. Please be assured that we will not fill your inbox with endless messages. This website and Facebook are our preferred methods of making announcements and you will only receive direct messages from our office if there is something we need to notify you of that is of an urgent nature or specifically applies to your participation with 4-H. 

We thank you in advance for your assistance with this issue.