Friday, August 19, 2011

2011 Fair Wrap-Up

We would like to thank everyone for helping make this year's fair a success! 4-H'ers, Volunteers, Superintendents, Judges, Parents, Buyers, Large & Small Animal Associations, Auction Committees, Fair Photographer...everybody involved--the Fair as we know it would not be possible without your hard work and dedication, and we thank each and every one of you for your continued involvement and support of 4-H programs in Jackson County.

A few loose ends...

Fair Photos
In case you haven't heard, we've uploaded over 1,700 Fair photos to the Jackson County 4-H Facebook page. Most of the pictures were taken by Jim West, who was hired by our Large and Small Animal Associations, and some of them were provided by 4-H'ers and Volunteers. Click here to check them out!
Note: The pictures uploaded to Facebook have been compressed. If you are looking for a particular photo that you would like a digital copy of (in high quality for printing, framing, etc) please contact our office. We will honor requests as time allows.

Record Books & Trophies
Any record books and trophies that were left in the Gumper Building have been brought back to our office. If you're missing something, please contact our office at 517-788-4292 as soon as possible. We will hang on to the trophies indefinitely, but record books will be discarded after a couple of months.

Auction and Premium Checks
Auction checks will be sent out as payments are received and processed by the Auction Committee. Premium Checks will be sent out around September 1.