Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jackson Community Gardens

If you take a look around Jackson County, you are sure to find many community gardens.  A community garden is any piece of land that is gardened by a group of people; it is born out of collaboration and it is to be of benefit to the community.

Every garden is unique.  It may grow vegetables or flowers.   It may be one community plot or many individual plots.  It may be sponsored by a school, church, or neighborhood.

There are many benefits that come from being involved in a garden supported by your community.  This list includes only a few:
Produce healthy and fresh food
Increase community stewardship
Prevent crime
Support youth development
Improve health
Create green space
Provide an opportunity for entrepreneurialism

Those who are interested in learning more about community gardening within Jackson should visit our website.  Also, be sure to visit our Facebook page to connect with other gardeners in the area.

The 2nd annual Jackson Community Garden tour will take place on Friday, July 22 from 5-7pm.  Tours start at 5pm at the Wilkins Street Garden, 224 W. Wilkins.  The tour will allow you to visit open houses at community gardens, sample some locally grown food, and learn how to get involved. Tour maps are available at every garden and online.