Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 State Goat Show Results

The 2011 State 4-H Goat Show was a great success! We had fifty-seven participants from thirteen counties exhibit one hundred and twenty goats.

2011 also marked the fourth year for the Cloverbud division at the State 4-H Goat Show. We had five Cloverbuds from three counties participate. The Cloverbuds exhibited in Cloverbud showmanship, pack, and obstacle. They all did a wonderful job!

Each of the competitions offered at the State 4-H Goat Show are meant to help expand the knowledge and skills that 4-H members have been taught by their leaders, fellow members and parents. The evens also helps recognize youth for their outstanding efforts and achievements.

Keep reading for the results for Jackson County...

Market Wether - Reserve Grand Champion
Daniel Esham

Breed Winners
Cross-Bred (Junior) - Luke Chase

Market Wether
Light Weight (50lb and under) - Morgan Swartz (1st place)
Medium Weight (51lb to 69lb) - Daniel Esham (2nd place)
Heavy Weight (70lb and over) - Daniel Esham (1st place)

County Herd 
Jackson took 2nd place!
Daniel Esham, Wyatt Esham, Hanna Stewart, and Morgann Swartz

Cloverbud - Garrett and Wyatt Esham
Class 1 (Age 9) - Luke Chase (3rd place)
Class 5 & 6 (Age 13-14) - Katie Collier (9th place)
Class 7 (Age 15-16) - Daniel Esham (8th place)

Great job! We're very proud of you!