Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Equine Updates

Updated Show Rules & Regulations

MSU Bulletin 4H-1145 "4-H Horse & Pony Project: Show Rules & Regulations" has undergone a major revision for 2011. All other versions are no longer valid and should be destroyed. Download a copy of the updated rules by clicking here. You will be given the option of downloading the pocket-sized or full-page versions.

Upcoming AQHA Introductory Show

Looking for ways to "step out of your comfort zone" (or help others do the same)? In addition to open classes for all breeds, there will be an AQHA Introductory Show at the Allegan County Fairgrounds, May 21-30, 2011. This event will offer the opportunity for exhibitors to try AQHA-approved classes, earn AQHA points, win added money, and much more!

For a show bill and more information, click here.