Friday, March 11, 2011

Host Families Needed!

Families who are willing to open their homes to an international visitor

A unique opportunity to welcome a delegate from another country

4 weeks (Summer/Fall) or one school year (August - June)

Delegates come from Japan, Costa Rica, and Eurasia (the former Soviet Union)

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Q: Do we need to plan special activities?
A: Delegates come to experience everyday American family life. They don't expect to be entertained, just welcomed and included in your normal activities.

Q: Will my delegate speak English?
A: Delegates' English skills vary depending on the program, and you'll be amazed how quickly they improve through language immersion!

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Delegates have health insurance and bring their own spending money. Your main cost would be to provide meals.

Q: How old will my delegate be?
A: Year long delegates are of high school age (15-18). 3 week or month long delegates are between the ages of 18 and 25.

(Will be updated as delegates are matched with host families)


Kseniya will turn sixteen in August of 2011.  She is from Russia and lives in a city not far from Moscow. Her mother works part-time as an accountant and her father works for a company that sells satellite internet. She has an older brother who is 22 years old that does not live at home.  She likes to play tennis.  Her family likes to ride bikes, have picnics and play badminton in the summer.  In the winter they skate and cross-country ski. 

Farzona is from Tajikistan and she is 16 years old. She lives with her mother and grandparents.  Her mother works at the airport as a clerk and her grandparents are clerks in local businesses.  She enjoys swimming, Arabic dance and learning foreign languages. She spends her free time watching movies, photography, reading, spending time with friends, watching TV/videos. She is Muslim but does not practice her religion accept she does not eat pork.  She has not allergies and can live with pets.  She gets very good grades and her English is excellent. 

Nikita is from Russia and he will turn sixteen in December of 2011.He enjoys bicycling, bowling, weightlifting, listening to music, watching movies, photography, playing musical instrument, belonging to school clubs and spending time with friends. He makes excellent grades and has glowing reports from his teachers.  He does have asthma and will bring his medicine and inhaler.  He has had injections from the doctor if necessarybut controls his allergies with medication and his inhaler.  He cannot live with indoor pets.   He has a younger sister age one.  His mother stays at home with the baby and his father is a sales manager for a video company.


Through International Four-H Youth Exchange

Mid June to early August, 2011

Elini-Maria is from Greece.  She is 17 years old.  She will be Michigan for six weeks and will need to stay with a host family for three weeks in two different parts of Michigan.  She will arrive in Michigan around June 19. She is seventeen years old and attends the American Farm School in Thessalonikis.   She plans on being a kindergarten teacher.  She enjoys sports and plays volleyball, soccer and basketball. She likes listening to music and going for walks.  Her activities include singing dancing, going to movies and going to sports events. She has been treasurer of her class.  She likes reading science fiction and mysteries.  She describes herself as shy, cheerful, patient, quiet and tidy.  She enjoys people who are loyal, kind, patient, and honest, sincere and has a sense of humor.   She wants to learn about American culture and wants to learn about family life and learn from people that have other than people from Greece and be able to compare cultures.
September  25 to December 5, 2011

Charlotte is 19 years old.  She is from Germany.  Her family owns a winery with 30 acres of vineyards.  Besides wine they produce grape and apple juice.  She will need three different families for a one month stay each. On this exchange she would like to gain insight into what direction she would like her university studies to focus on.  She has worked in childcare.  She was an adviser for a church youth group and is a member of a sport club where she enjoys badminton.  Her family has hosted IFYE youth from the United States as well as students and interns.  She wants to learn American culture, the people and agriculture business and to improve her English.  Her interests are playing badminton, playing cards and board games, listen to music, reading and skiing.

August through October

Sara is a twenty-one year old from Sweden.  She has been a 4-H member  in Sweden since she was 12 years old.  She is a 4-H leaders and vice-president of the county 4-H program.  She has help organize the National camp when it was held in her county. She is a substitute teacher. She is from a forested area of Sweden and loves the out-of-doors.  She enjoys cooking and baking, going to movies with her friends. She has raised chickens as a summer hobby and found it fun.   She lives with her father who is a high school teacher and her mother who works with economics and environmental issues.  She has two younger brothers. She would like to experience the differences between the US and Sweden and see some of our wildlife and nature areas, take part in American home culture and increase her English skills.

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