Thursday, January 13, 2011

4-H Kettunen Center Workshops: January - March 2011

The list of 4-H Kettunen center workshops for the first quarter of 2011 is now available! 
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4-H Teen Citizenship, Leadership & Service Conference
January 22–23, 2011
This exciting conference has teens and adults from across the state converging on Kettunen Center to learn the leadership and civic engagement skills they need to make a difference in their communities. There will be sessions for 4-H members and nonmembers. Check the workshop announcement for details on the tracks you can choose to enroll in and attend for the weekend. Open to teens aged 14 and up and adults.

4-H Entrepreneurship Teen & Adult Volunteer Leader Workshop
February 12–13, 2011

Wonder how your passion for 4-H projects can be turned into a business? Already a market livestock “boss” or perhaps you want to make a difference in Michigan by thinking “green” in the bioeconomy? This entrepreneurship education workshop is for youth 13 and up and adult volunteers and educators who want to grow their knowledge about starting a business, growing a business, or want to learn how to  make their  money (profit)  grow. If you dream of being your own boss or being financially savvy, select from one of the following workshop tracks: From Market Livestock Project to College Fund,  Business 101, Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans, It’s Cool to be Green, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. Each track will include fun, hands-on learning activities and resources to take home.

4-H Veterinary Science Teen & Adult Volunteer Workshop
February 25–26, 2011

Explore animal systems and learn about animal health for a broad array of animal species by sharing information and experiences, asking questions and quizzing veterinarians about their skills. You can also participate in hands-on demonstrations that teach you how to help young people recognize healthy, sick or injured animals. Meet others who have developed outstanding veterinary science projects and gain ideas to help other young people start their own vet science projects. Open to adult and teen volunteers aged 13 and older.

4-H Beef, Sheep & Swine Teen & Adult Volunteer Workshop
February 26–27, 2011 – Kettunen Center

If you’re interested in 4-H beef cattle, sheep or swine projects, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn about animal health, management, care and nutrition. In addition, you can sharpen your livestock judging and evaluation skills. By sharing ideas and interacting with others, you’ll find ways to improve your county 4-H livestock program. The workshop will also offer ways to enhance your communications and teaching skills, and learn about the many opportunities available for those interested in the beef, sheep and swine industries. Open to adult and teen volunteers aged 13 and up.

4-H Recreation Leadership & Camp Counselor Workshop
March 4–6, 2011

Develop your own “bag of tricks” for leading and supporting group activities, building teams, conducting 10-minute energizers and more. You’ll learn how to take charge and make things happen in a club, group or camp setting while having a great time. Recreational leadership is about creating an environment that allows young people and adults to learn, grow and enjoy themselves. Open to teen members and leaders aged 13 and up and to adult volunteers who are interested in adding some pizzazz to their 4-H activities.
Detailed information not yet available

4-H Science Workshop
March 12–13, 2011

This workshop focuses on new and exciting areas of science, engineering and technology!  Teen and adult volunteers ages 13 and up are encouraged to come and learn about alternative energy, engineering, environmental sciences, and digital photography and film making.  Hands on sessions for beginners and more advanced will include: robotics, rocket launching, wind power, making biofuel, digital photography, film making, making catapults, water quality, climate change and more!
Detailed information not yet available

4-H Environmental & Outdoor Education, Plant Science & Entomology Workshop
March 18–20, 2011
This is a hands-on opportunity to learn about many environmental and outdoor education, horticulture and entomology projects through fun lessons and activities. Gain ideas, project resources and activities to help kids get outside and have fun outdoors. Sessions will feature wildlife, natural resources, plant science, entomology, outdoor adventure challenge recreation and leadership, water testing, fisheries, energy, GPS techniques and more. Learn about science applications and career exploration related to these subjects and how to use the information with 4-H clubs or classrooms. Open to adults and teens aged 13 and up.

To register for any of these workshops, download and complete a registration form and submit it to our office along with a check for the appropriate registration fees. We are unable to process a registration unless fees have been collected. Please contact our office at 517-788-4292 with any questions.