Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When to let the outdoors be your refrigerator

Outdoor food storage may be a convenient alternative to refrigerators in the winter or during the holidays when you have a large amount of food. Following these guidelines will ensure that the food you eat remains safe.
  • The outdoor temperature must remain below 40°F.
  • Food must be safe from animals. Cover food with a securely weighted lid (plastic wrap and foil are not considered secure lids.
  • Be aware of the temperature change the sun may cause. In some garages, the temperature may increase to above 40°F on sunny days.
  • Shallow pots (not more than 2 inches deep) of hot soup, stew, chili, etc, can be placed directly in snow. Stir the food frequently to ensure even cooling.
  • Canned items should not be kept in the cold. Freezing, thawing and re-freezing may damage the can.
  • Eat food stored outdoors within one or two days.