Thursday, October 14, 2010

4-H Science Opportunities

The following are not officially sponsored by 4-H, but may be of interest to those of you currently enrolled in a 4-H science program/project.

Information Resources

Geography Awareness Week is Nov. 14-20. It is an annual opportunity for families and schools to engage in fun, educational experiences that draw attention to Geo-Literacy and the importance of geographic understanding in ensuring our nation's economic competitiveness, national security, environmental sustainability, and the livability of our communities in the 21st century. The 2010 theme is Freshwater – which complements the 2010 4-H NYSD experiment. 4-H is a member of the My Wonderful World coalition led by National Geographic. Resources for youth, teachers and parents are available at GIS Day is celebrated on Wednesday of Geography Awareness Week (Nov. 17, 2010). GIS Day resources and a listing of GIS Day local events are found at

NSF Report: Preparing the Next Generation of STEM Innovators: Identifying and Developing Our Nation's Human Capital - The National Science Board recommendations to help ensure a legacy of continued prosperity and a renewed aspiration towards equity and excellence in U.S. STEM education. The PDF report and Executive Summary are available at:

Earth Science Week Resources: Earth Science Week, Oct. 10-16, is conducted annually by the American Geological Institute in partnership with NASA and other sponsors, is to encourage students, educators and the public to explore the natural world and learn about geosciences. This year's theme is Exploring Energy, and NASA is offering a variety of multimedia products and educational activities designed to improve understanding of energy resources and the role of energy in Earth's climate system. Educational resources and videos can be found at

Grants and Awards

GIS Software Grants for 4-H Clubs: Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) has announced the 2011 application for GIS software grants for 4-H clubs. This year three types of grants are offered: “Getting Started” with ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education (AEJEE) for clubs new to GIS, GIS club grant with ArcGIS 10 and a new State or Regional ArcGIS 4-H Educator Train the Trainer Grant to conduct GIS training for 4-H staff and volunteers. Application deadline is Dec. 1. Applications and supporting information can be found at

NSTA Faraday Science Communicator Award: The Faraday Science Communicator Award will recognize and reward an individual or organization that has inspired and elevated the public's interest in and appreciation of science. The individual will not be a classroom teacher, but will work in, or have developed a compatible setting for science communication. The organization will facilitate and provide exemplary opportunities for science communication to the public. For more information visit:

The 2011 Thacher Environmental Research Contest, sponsored by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, challenges high school students (grades 9-12) to conduct innovative research on our changing planet using the latest geospatial tools and data. Entries are due April 11, 2011. Cash awards are presented for top project entries. Visit