Monday, October 18, 2010

2010 4-H Re-enrollment and Project Areas

We have received several calls regarding this year's re-enrollment forms and project area descriptions/definitions.

Let me first explain that this year's re-enrollment forms are different from previous years in that the member name, address and previous year's project information are not filled in because we are moving to a new data management system. There have been a number of issues related to importing data from the previous system into the new 4-H Access system, and so the decision was made that it would be in everybody's best interest if we started fresh this year with blank forms and complete/correct information.

In regards to Project Areas and Definitions, only one copy was provided to each Club's Administrative Leader when they received their re-enrollment packet. It did not occur to us at the time that with the forms being blank, that there may be members and leaders who would need a copy of this information for them to use when filling out forms at home.

I have made this information available for you to view online or print a copy:
2010-11 4-H Project Areas
2010-11 4-H Project Definitions

Note: When signing up for projects, please disregard the "project code", as they are codes that were used in the old system. All you need to put on the form is the name of the project. For example: if you are signing up for the Swine project, simply write "Swine" instead of "GBL - Swine".

I apologize for any inconvenience not having this information sooner may have caused, and thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we make this transition from Blue Ribbon to 4-H Access.