Thursday, September 9, 2010

Still Time to Garden!

Experienced gardeners know that there is still plenty of time to work in the garden before winter arrives. Sure the leaves are yellow and brown and full of holes from slugs and other critters but that should not deter you from those fall projects. Now is the time to get ready for the beauty of next spring and summer.
Autumn is a great time for many activities in the garden. It is a time when the weather is moving from the hot, dry summer to the cool, usually moist, autumn. Transplanting now, results in less stress on the plants. Also, you might not need to water quite as much because the plants have gone dormant and their transpiration rate is way down. Trees and shrubs can be planted right up to when the ground freezes.

Plants adapted to this area of the world are called cool season plants. They tend to add roots and actually “grow” during the cool days of the spring and autumn. In the heat of the summer, many of the perennials want to slow down and some go dormant. So, the fall is a great time to plant new trees, move perennials and start perennials such as grass from seed.

Written by Ralph Heiden
Originally printed in September/October 2009 Connections