Friday, August 13, 2010

MSU Extension Launches "Ask an Expert" Widget for Oil & Gas Leasing Questions

As reported in a previous article, Michigan has experienced renewed interest in natural gas exploration and development this year. "The oil and natural gas boom in northern Michigan has created both opportunity and concern for landowners.", said Dr. Thomas Coon, Director of MSU Extension, in a recent statement. 

To help address the growing number of questions regarding oil & gas leasing, Extension Educators have been instructing landowners about their leasing options in face-to-face seminars throughout the state. In order to reach a broader audience, Extension Educators Dean Solomon, Curtis Talley and Stan Moore have installed a widget on the new MSU Extension Oil & Gas Information site. Scroll down to the bottom right side of the page to view the widget, enter your question and your email address, and one of them will contact you with an answer. 

According to Lela Vandenberg, Extension specialist, this trio is the first MSUE group to pioneer the Ask an Expert widget in this topic-focused way. We certainly look forward to more MSUE groups launching their own widgets!